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24 February 2011

Bliss of a different kind

Last Friday we flew to Michigan to spend some time with family and friends. Verona had been asking about snow and has been singing Frosty the Snowman frequently. She will lay down on the kitchen floor to make snow angels. She got her wish: 10 inches fell once we were safely here (arriving to 50 degrees and sunshine, much as we had left in Washington).

In Ohio, where we spent two full days and nights at Kalahari Water Park, we saw a blizzard from the cozy place we played in shorts and swim suits.

Today I read a funny Facebook post that someone had posted as a status: "Snowed in in Seattle; it's been snowing for 15 minutes." When Verona wants something, she gets it!

I'm up too early. But I am enjoying the quiet breathing sounds of my family. Vincent and Verona aren't used to Nanny and Pappy's house enough to sleep two flights up from the guest bed, so we are all piled in here together. It's warm and cozy. After the unscheduled but always at the same time of night trip to the bathroom for Verona, I haven't been able to fall back asleep. I am posting from my phone.

Today we will meet my terrific friend at our old breakfast rendezvous spot, the Caribou Coffee location on Sashabaw Road in Clarkston. I sure hope Jason is there to have a little happy talk with him too. And I am so looking forward to the Classic 7-grain oatmeal there. Wish they would sell me some. Noticed a 7-grain cereal option at the Winco in Kent, WA, last time I was there. I will likely give that a try. But it's good to have the real thing too!

After our breakfast, the Vs and I will go see our friends and what I used to call the weekday parents at Inspiring Minds Childcare. Ms.Carrie and Mr.Ahdi have welcomed their own baby as well as have renovated the daycare space. Can't wait to see all, meet their precious daughter, and have some good times with old friends! No wonder I can't sleep!

Life is blissful!

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