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22 October 2010

Getting Acclimated

The Vs and I have been here in the Seattle area for just two weeks now.  We've packed a load of "adventures" into that short time.  I thought I would already be an uber-blogger, but we just aren't as technologically advanced as I thought we might be at this point.  Next week, we move into the rental house (and get all our stuff back!), will trick-or-treat at Uncle Tom's neighborhood in Puyallup, and really begin the life we expected to lead here.

I'll post another tutorial.  This laptop doesn't have the photo editing system I'm accustomed to, and I'm unwilling today to learn the one that this machine has so I can post some pictures.  But there will be one soon!

12 October 2010

Date Clarification

For anyone who is reading and wondering, I wrote the post including "One Day and a Wake Up" title last week when the kids and I were still in Michigan.  The computer there didn't care for Adobe and crashed repeatedly when I tried to upload the pictures of the Studio J layouts. 

We have now been in Washington for the better part of a week (and a good one at that).  I made my first foray into a local grocery store today solo and, thanks to the advice of Chuck in the fish department, even came away with some fish for dinner.  I'm a fish lover (right down to the sushi I'm so excited to be near an ocean to enjoy!) but rarely have ever cooked it.  Truly, Matt has always purchased and cooked our fish.  Today was different.  We tried Basa Swai, a Vietnamese catfish, apparently.  I didn't know that this would be the fish I came back to the apartment with, nor did I know any recipes to use to cook this.  Given all that, I didn't have enough of the ingredients for many of the recipes we found.  But the dinner was palatable.  My hubby even smooched me for having cooked a good dinner.  (So it was either good or he just wanted to reinforce that I would know he is appreciative of my cooking.  Either way, it's a win.)

I had also made some rice pudding for dessert.  With basmati rice.  Yummy.  Vincent was disappointed that I took his away before he was finished.  Matt's bowl was clean.  Verona proudly announced she ate it all.  Ah, the standards!

Studio J Layouts, One Day and a Wake Up

My husband had been in the military.  As a means to help time pass faster, they referred to their count-down days as the number of days remaining (minus one, really) and a wake up.  I have one day and a wake up until the kids and I finally move out to the Seattle area to join my darling husband in life there.  It is a time filled with tears (mine and friends'), as it is difficult to know when I'll see them again and hard to sustain the sense that we WILL see each other when we don't know the date for that reunion.

Of course, all the other "farewells" of this summer (my YiaYia, Matt's Oma, and finally my mom, whose 40 day memorial just passed...the final marker of this sad summer) have not made this any easier.  I know there is joy to be found, and a good life awaits us.  Still...

In the spring, my dad turned 70.  I had the forethought to ask my friend and favorite photographer to come and capture memories.  Check out Amy's blog here..  You'll be glad you stopped over!

Here are some layouts I made using Studio J (love the new membership benefits, like having JPGs to post pictures or print additional layouts!) and employing Amy's great photos of the afternoon with our family.  My brother was in from Puyallup, WA; my sister and her daughters from Charlotte, NC.  Enjoy!