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13 February 2011

Bliss Project

The weekly organizational calendar I procured for the year has failed me in more than one way. First, its cover is one I can't personalize easily, so I'm stuck with what I bought and not what I could make of what I bought. Next, there is no monthly overview anywhere in it. I know I bought a weekly planner, thinking I could journal important thoughts or occasions, but I really need to be able to glance at my month's plan. I found a 29-month monthly planner at quite a discount, since five of the 29 months had passed.

I'm so pleased with this. In 2013, I'll try to remember to get another one by this company. There aren't any of the little photos throughout the calendar to indicate the cutesy picture or theme from the cover throughout, as I find on the Dollar Spot at so many stores. I think this is the perfect complement to what I have going. It's small and light, I can have it with me and refer to it before making appointments. I can keep the weekly planner at home to use for journaling or writing more important details.

Of course, I desired a change of the cover. And I decided to try the new Bliss paper to do it. Here's what I came up with it. It is basic to remain as flat as possibly. I would hate for my hand-writing to get messed up because of a bumpy embellishment.

Here's how it turned out:

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