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19 March 2012

In honor of my Mommers: a Tip Junkie link!

It's Tip Me Tuesday in the Tip Junkie Community, and I've linked up last year's Knight Training Birthday Party for Vincent (I'm number 301 in the projects, so you know there's all sorts of good stuff happening there). Tuesday would have been my Mommers' 70th birthday...it was a milestone she had wanted to reach, just "to see a seven in the tens place on my cake," she often said. She didn't get to see that here, but now I believe she has a great view of everything we do. And she's in her perfect form. S'agapo, Mommers from your Beetsies.

For whatever reason, my ability to put a cute little linky button to the blog is impaired. So I'm going old school and just will give you the link:



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