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25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Could it be Christmas already? It seems this month passed so quickly, and with very little posting on my part. Mea culpa. I guess I was living in the moments (and attempting to decorate with paper crafting) too much to be electronically connected. I neglected a number of key arenas in my electronic world this month.

Today my husband really surprised me with a Kindle Fire, which could possibly help me with my electronic connectivity. It certainly has been fun to see the illustrations and images in a book I've been reading on organizing some areas of my life! Of course, it makes me wonder whether my loving hubby wants to see me at all. Between enhanced connectivity and some preparations to coordinate some crafting time with other like-minded people, I'm worried that we'll lose contact. I guess I could IM him from the Fire. Maybe I'll just try to talk with him!

The Vs had a delightful day with spoils that reflect a generous and loving family. I am grateful to all our extended family for making this first Christmas in our new home more than memorable. I pray that you have all had a season of delight and wonder. Be safe and feel blessed in the year to come.

(I will post some photos of things like my Christmas cards and some of the decorations I made soon. Just need a few days to recover from the excitement of the season and preparation! And now I need to move some dishes around and start some laundry...)

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