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04 October 2011

Distractions Continue

Really...I'm working diligently on getting the new house organized so I can justify spending some time in my craft room. I've missed it so terribly. And it's just over -------> there! But I know there are other priorities right now. My sweet little Vincent has had a stomach flu for too many days, so even the unpacking has been put on hold (and school has been missed!).

While I've been unpacking, I've been setting aside items I realize we just haven't used recently enough to warrant keeping. This is the most square footage I've ever had but I don't intend to clutter it up! And clutter is just waiting to happen!! So I left an assembled box in a room and started putting things there. Duplicates. Unused. From another lifetime. Outgrown. Outshrunk (oh, it's my hope to offer up more of those again!). You name it. Last week a plastic bag from an organization called PAVE (People for Action, Voices for Empowerment) made it to my doorknob, letting me know they would be in the area and would be gracious enough to pick up whatever I had to offer. By this morning, I had six boxes ready for them.

While I was putting the boxes out (on a tarp that could be folded over, as rain happens here, with a note that requested that the tarp be left), I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. I wasn't quite sure what it was. But I knew it was a large "cat". I closed the garage door, made sure the Vs were safely ensconced in the house, and grabbed the camera. I am, after all, a paper crafter. :) I captured a few shots of this creature (and then zoomed in so you don't really need to be bored with all the other people's houses and yards in the pics) and then met a neighbor who had its species: bobcat. I just had never imagined they would be this big. Note its size as it goes past the mailboxes for some perspective, as these are at a regulated height (3 1/2 to 4 feet to the bottom of the boxes).

Sorry that the order of the pics is fouled...it was an upload issue that I can't seem to edit right now. Did I mention my son has been sick? I haven't slept well since Friday because of it...Off to bed now. I need to crash!

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