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04 July 2011

A Bittersweet Day

Today would have been my parents' 47th wedding anniversary. My dad always joked that he gave up his independence on Independence Day. He often remarked how he had married quite a fire-cracker. My mom was full of spunk, spirit, strong will, and certainly lit up any room into which she walked.

I ache today because I am not in Michigan, with my dad to hold his hand and offer him a hug as he moves through this first would-be anniversary since my mom passed away last August. I am grateful that my sister was with him this morning and her two daughters have commenced a visit with their precious Papa. He took the girls to the parade in Fenton. (Mackenzie confirmed for me that he had decided against wearing his "4th of July Groom 1964" shirt that he and my mom had made for themselves years ago. I told him if he wanted to wear it, he should. But he should also be prepared to show her picture, have to explain the story, and have his handkerchief at the ready for all of that.)

My family and I are a nation away (or at least have the majority of this nation between us and Papa). We went to the neighborhood gathering this morning and decorated bicycles, paraded through the streets, and even returned to another neighborhood park this afternoon for bocce ball and a barbeque (because we got my husband a portable grill). It has been a good day.

I've been trying to fill my time with crafts. Trying to use up some of that which I have "stashed" for so long. And trying to find a little market for some of the things I create. Sadly, it seems sympathy cards are in too high a demand. A kind friend, former co-worker, and very creative person actually commissioned some from me. (Talk about an honor, and a challenge to make things really worth her money - guess I'm going to imagine Kim is my customer any time I have a customer!)

Thinking of this "commissioned work" as well as my mixed bag of feelings today (and pretty much each day, to some extent, since my Mommers passed away - on the heels of Oma, YiaYia and Thia Faye), I thought I'd share some photos of these cards. I was attempting to infuse each card with not only sympathy but also a little glimmer of the hope that surfaces even in great loss. The paper I used in this set is from CTMH: Miracle. I followed a cutting guide developed by Becky Leheman but assembled things a little differently from her original concepts.

Okay...need to apologize that this (and a few) are sideways...Newish computer and I am still figuring things out.

Inside sentiment reads "sharing your sorrow"

Sentiments ranged from "Deepest Sympathy" to prayers of comfort, included both "I" and "we" statements (Kim often offers colleagues a chance to sign the cards she is sending as well as sending ones just from herself).

I hope that these cards spark some creativity in you for tackling the more difficult cards. If they don't inspire it in you and you'd like to assign the task to me, please contact me to make some for you.

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