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16 May 2011

Baking Frenzy

The Mothers & Others support group I am part of, through St. Madeline-Sophie Catholic Church, put on a bake sale Mother's Day weekend. I've been remiss in posting because I was in a bit of a baking frenzy to prepare for it (and now am trying to recover from that and a sprained ankle).

My baking was partly to help the group have a successful bake sale. It was also in part a way to keep myself occupied. It was my first Mother's Day without my mother and also without my maternal grandmother, my YiaYia. (It was even the first Mother's Day without Matt's Oma.) It was a hard day, in a year of difficult firsts. Rather than wallowing in my sadness, I tried to be proactive.

For the years since I became a mom, my own Mommers was Stage IV in her ongoing breast cancer battle. In August 2010, the 27.5 years of her survivorship ended. I realized as Mother's Day approached that I hadn't really thought of myself as a mother yet...at least I never thought that the day was for me. I really did try to make certain that each of those Mother's Days was a good one for my Mommers. I hope that the day was exalted for her, YiaYia, Oma and all the mothers in Heaven who looked down upon their children here.

I know that I was bolstered by having spent the beginning of the day with some other mothers who have become my friends, working to support our mission. And then I had a delightful end of the day with my terrific husband and my loving Vs. I am blessed.

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