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16 January 2011

That flower...

That flower on the "Smile" card is one that caused me great consternation.  Melissa Laverty, at fancymelissa.blogspot.com, had an awesome youtube tutorial on it.  She calls them pinwheel flowers, if you go in search of hers.  There has been debate.  Many believe they are fan flowers.  Let's just call them flowers and you can fill in your descriptor. 

I can't always access youtube (so tired of that "error" message), so I created some flowers and took pictures and put instructions along the way.  Allow me to share.  I like to print off these kind of things and keep them in a techniques folder/file/binder so that I can get my instructions when I'm away from a computer.  Yep.  I'm old school like that.  You might even notice that I put two spaces after my end sentence punctuation.  It's amazing that I can blog...what with all this old-fashioned technology training in my brain!

 First, start with four equal-sized squares.  They should be the same size as the final flower you would like to create (four 2x2-inch squares will render a 2-inch circular flower).  (Photo above shows the square/circle; photo below shows four squares.)

 Next, accordion fold each square.  These folds should be of equal size (or you will have an uneven flower) and be crisp folds.  A bone folder is handy to have.  You don't HAVE to score the pieces before folding.  If you really need the folds to be measured, go ahead and score.  I just eyed them and they came out okay. 

Next, fold each square in half.

Put some strong adhesive (I used Scor-Tape here) on one of the inner sides of this folded accordion square.  Then adhere it together, creating a fan that is one-quarter the circle.
 Do the same with the remaining three accordion folded squares.  Then put adhesive on one of the outer sides of the fan and adhere each quarter to the other.

 This next photo shows all four pieces together but not adhered on the last side.  That is the trickiest part, if there is one in this whole thing.  You want to secure the adhesive but not ruin your accordion folds.  Nimble fingers help!
 The final product:  it's really much easier than I thought it would be.  And these are so "on trend" (as the trendy now say) that they should really be in your repertoire.  Add them.  The CTMH paper gives you an option to use either side.  I wanted a brighter color for my project, but this Wings paper looks elegant on the other side too.  Should have taken a picture of that!  Darned hind sight!
Again, check out Melissa's video to see this in action.  I credit her with the instructions.  I just need to see stop action stuff for my own purposes...

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