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15 January 2011

Swap Spoiler Alert!

For each new Idea Book release, my awesome CTMH upline, Michele Gamble, hosts a new product card swap.  I'm posting some of the cards I've made for this now, using some new product (some of which will not be available until February 1).  If you are interested in any of these stamps, check out my website, JuliAnne.MyCTMH.com.  Or send me a message.  I'd love to show you how I made these...pretty easily!

You might guess that I'm excited about the new spray pen, which helps me let go of the need to make everything look so "perfect".  It sprays a random pattern, and that makes for exciting artwork!  Gives it a real energy, don't you think?  I'm also excited about the return of last year's National Papercrafting Month paper, Miracle.  Wahoo!

These cards represent a personal challenge for me.  I'm trying to USE the embellishments I've been hoarding for perhaps years.  I see something, it looks cool.  I must have it.  Then I want to keep it.  One of my resolutions for this new year is to use it up.  Enjoy its look on cards, layouts.  Don't just hoard.  I've been donating boxes (and boxes) to local charities, filled with household items or clothes that we no longer use or never did.  Sadly, I had to send to the recycling center some UNUSED Tupperware (real, brand-name Tupperware, bought in the day when it was only sold at a home show) that was in a container in a wet basement in Michigan so long that the moldy smell could not be removed.  For shame.  Wasted money, and wasted time and energy in storing and transporting it.  I shall not be doing this with CTMH embellishments.  They will be used!  Look for them!

And look for me to be more of a blogger.  :)

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