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12 October 2010

Studio J Layouts, One Day and a Wake Up

My husband had been in the military.  As a means to help time pass faster, they referred to their count-down days as the number of days remaining (minus one, really) and a wake up.  I have one day and a wake up until the kids and I finally move out to the Seattle area to join my darling husband in life there.  It is a time filled with tears (mine and friends'), as it is difficult to know when I'll see them again and hard to sustain the sense that we WILL see each other when we don't know the date for that reunion.

Of course, all the other "farewells" of this summer (my YiaYia, Matt's Oma, and finally my mom, whose 40 day memorial just passed...the final marker of this sad summer) have not made this any easier.  I know there is joy to be found, and a good life awaits us.  Still...

In the spring, my dad turned 70.  I had the forethought to ask my friend and favorite photographer to come and capture memories.  Check out Amy's blog here..  You'll be glad you stopped over!

Here are some layouts I made using Studio J (love the new membership benefits, like having JPGs to post pictures or print additional layouts!) and employing Amy's great photos of the afternoon with our family.  My brother was in from Puyallup, WA; my sister and her daughters from Charlotte, NC.  Enjoy!

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