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06 April 2012

Posters Made Easier with the AP Cricut Cartridge!

I've made no secret of the fact that I have rarely changed my Cricut cartridge since I purchased the CTMH-exclusive "Art Philosophy". It is such a versatile set, with brackets and scallop-edged shapes, flowers and butterflies, 3D boxes and flowers. What else could I need?!

On occasion (a very rare one; so much so that I've even started selling off the cartridges I don't see myself using in the foreseeable future) I have changed it out for something specific. This time it was an Easter bunny/basket shape. Eggs (and layers of ornate decorations of them) are covered on the AP, just not the basket and bunny.

The awesome mothers' support group I stumbled into in the week prior to moving to our rental home in October 2010, St. Madeleine-Sophie Mothers & Others, puts on an Easter Egg Hunt for children each year, the Saturday before Palm Sunday. My good friend is the coordinator of the event, so she asked me if I could possibly replace the hand-drawn posters that had never been laminated. Keep in mind, folks, the event happens rain or shine, so some kind of weather protection is a must even for the signs!

I'm always happy to help my friends, and this is what I came up with for our sign:

This photo was taken on the eve of the poster's lamination. And I made two different strips indicating the possible room for refreshments and laminated them separately, so we could easily change our location (must tell people where the coffee and donuts are going to be!) if either room is scheduled by another group.

Despite the rain, the day was awesome! I'd post pictures of the event, but there are dozens of children in the photos and I wouldn't post those without permission from parents. I'm wacky like that! Seems like there is a science fair coming up...I should see if my hubby and son want to hire my services!

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