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02 September 2010


The verb "to commence" means "to begin", and yet so often the noun form, "commencement" takes on a meaning of an ending.  Friday, September 3, 2010 marks an ending of an era for me - my employment at Oakland Community College comes to an end.  My years (a decade and a half) working with some of the finest colleagues I could ever imagine concludes.  My role as a helper of the students at OCC will no longer be.

Of course, this ending also marks a beginning.  It is the beginning of my life as a stay-at-home-mom (the dream job I've wanted since the moment I learned I was pregnant, just over five years ago).  It is the beginning of my family's new life in the Seattle area.  Matt has already gone and begun his work.  The work of readying the household to be packed and shipped is before me.

Tears are flowing freely.  I can't tell if they are for my mom (may her memory be eternal), for the other members of my family who have to carry on without her presence right here in our lives, for the rapid changes in my daily routines, for the fear of losing good friends due to distance, for the fear of not being able to make friends as easily as I will desperately need.  There are so many emotions.

And now, there are many muffins to pack up for the farewell and many dishes to be washed so that the house looks ready for a prospective buyer.  Please let there be a buyer soon!  (Did I mention I have many emotions?)

Let the celebrations commence!

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